Let’s show our colorful personality in summer!

It is that time of year again that every kid waits for the entire year. Yes, it is time for summer
holidays which are just around the corner.


Do you feel that Holidays will be boring again? Not Anymore?!!

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Summer breaks are about to begin and every time the school children, and perhaps the school also look forward to some exciting activities that can turn their bland holidays into super exciting & joyous experience that they can boast about through the year.

So if you think your children or you already a student who feels that your mind is exhausted by exams and wish to rejuvenate himself/herself in this holiday season then do some different things this year as we take you through our program that focuses on your interest, abilities, and skills.

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We, at Inspiring Minds, offer a unique program that brings a new experience to acquire certain skills that are relevant and result-oriented. Our “Summer Workshop 2018” does all that for the students from classes 8th to 10th.

The program is a 7-Days engaging & exciting experience for children to enhance their talent & skills through a themed based series of workshop. We have planned numerous activities for the workshops wherein each activity has been given a theme to enhance that particular skill. For example, the first day is dedicated to & SELF AWARENESS” hence most of the activities would focus on that aspect. A dialogue will be initiated at the beginning and at the end to summarise objectives of all activities performed in a day.

This is not a regular Summer camp or Summer event wherein focus is more on facilitation rather than enhancing the vision of the children. The program is created to analyse a child’s traits and remodel his/her behaviour that eventually helps him/her in both academics and other areas.

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Activities based on

Life Skills










Story Building

Confidence Building

Team Building




And there are some silly activities just for fun 🙂

The Summer workshop has evolved into a better option for the children rather than just spending time at relatives’ place or joining hobby classes for a while.

We must say that we had great fun last year with the kids and we were looking forward to this time of the year. You can see for yourself in our previous video.

“We wish to make the students feel like a child again while achieving the intellect equivalent to that of an adult.”

These workshops are the gist of our brainpower, child psychology expertise and direct mentorship style that we have perfected through our experience with children from different regions and cultures. We are confident that it will bring a positive change in the children and they will look at themselves as a different person altogether.

Make the most of Summer Holidays

Progressing to a new class is always exhilarating yet some children find this exercise quite mundane and become very disinterested in the whole loop of preparing for holiday homework or assignments. This program helps them to rejuvenate their minds and fill them with positive energy. The best part is that they can invite all their friends from school just like joining a party!

  • Constructive use of summer holidays with playful methods
  • Advantages to both the dimensions of Education system viz. Academics & Activities
  • Children will gain a more insightful experience with a pool flooded by talented professionals from various fields.
  • Children will get more realistic experience to put their capabilities to its best use.

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Summer Workshop 2017
Maharaja Agarsen School, DelhiView Workshop
Summer Workshop 2017
Delhi Public School HRIT CampusView Workshop
Summer Workshop 2017
Delhi Public School HRIT CampusView Workshop